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Frequently asked questions that will help you to clear any doubts related to process and will help you to understand apointpro better. If you have some other questions feel free to contact us through call or email care@apointpro.com. We will reply you shortly. 

Anyone who has any kind of skill can register on this site.

Yes, your profile must have a video of your’s performing your skill or simply telling about yourself. It will create reliability for those who are visiting your profile.
Without video your profile will be marked incomplete and won’t show in search result.

Video must be a Youtube video. You can either upload it through your gmail id to Youtube or you can upload it directly on your profile and we will do the rest of the things by uploading it to Apointpro Youtube official channel.

Here is a simple process to upload video to your youtube channel :
Go to youtube > sign in by your gmail id > click upload > set title as the upload finish > publish.

After publising the video you will get the link of your video. In the Link you have to copy the "Key" to your profile at apointpro.com

What is Video Key ?

Ex. In a video url
"8lV5dhPHaR0" is the Key.

Or if you don’t want to do this tiny task just upload it on your apointpro profile (upload section) and we will do the rest for you.

You can upload only one video as your main profile video. You can change it whenever you want.
If you want to show more videos , you can give full URL links in your about section.
Size : It will be Good if you keep your video below 5 min and 500 Mb.
You can create video by any device. Mobile camera would be the best option.

There are privacy settings available on contact details which will give you three options :
Show to everyone
Hide from everyone
Show only to verified users – In this you will get a message that a person have seen your contact details with their verified mobile numbers.

Yes, you can always change your video and all the details.
But the email id which you used to create your profile can’t be changed.

This site will bring up your profile to anyone who is looking for a skilled people like you in that location. Hence, it diverts crowd directly to you and helps in growing  your business and earnings.

After visiting the profile of a persong their is a contact button on top right cornor of the profile. If you can’t see their contact number it means they have applied privacy on it. If their is a option to verify your number, just type in your contact number you will get an OTP and after verifing you will be able to see their contact details.
Sending an Enquiry message option to that person is always available.

After publising the video you will get the link of your video. In the Link you have to copy the "Key" to your profile at apointpro.com

Ex. In a video url

"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lV5dhPHaR0"   ==  "8lV5dhPHaR0" is the Key.